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Top Free Ruble Earning Sites Paying 2018 - Earn Ruble by VIew Ads / Ptc ads


Earn Rubles Paying (2017-2018) Guaranteed With Payment Proofs! Earn 125 Rubles (2 USD) Daily Easy Work!! Real Payments (Russian Rubles)

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You Can Convert Rubles To BTC, USD, EUR In Payeer Easily!
Almost All Websites From Russia So You Need To Use Google Chrome To Be Able To Translate The Pages From Russian To Whatever Language You Need!

Each Website You Can Earn Up To 5 Rubles = 0.10 USD DAILY

Here Is A Good Recommended  List For Paying And Legit Websites !


Kapitalof Live Payment Proof & How it work full explain  : 

More Video :

Payments Proofs From My Payeer Account : 

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Disclaimer :  Smart Earning Site is not own any listed program. The Information provided here is for your own use and doesn’t  that guarantee success not mean advice to invest. Smart Earning Site is not responsible for your financial gain or loss. When you invest, you should understand you are taking a high risk. We do not recommend you spend what you cannot afford to lose.

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Top Faucets Site | Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet‎ site 2018

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Smart Eatninig Recommended Faucets

recommends the cryptocurrency faucets below. Each has been tested by Cointiply and found to be reliable.

Name         Payout          Description                     Link

FreeBitcoin           23-2,300           Every 60 Minutes Pays weekly,              SIGN UP
                               satoshis            free lottery, reward points,
                                                            interest, very reliable 

FreeDogecoin        12-24 Doge      Pays weekly, very reliable                      SIGN UP

Doge-faucet        12-24 Doge      Pays weekly, very reliable                         SIGN UP

MoonBitcoin         5-200               Every 5 Minutes Pays weekly,                  SIGN UP
                              litoshis              bitcoin, claims build over time,
                                                         pays to CoinPot, loyalty bonus, more

MoonDogecoin     0.5-2 Doge     Every 5 Minutes Pays weekly,                   SIGN UP
                                                       dogecoin, claims build over time,
                                                       pays to CoinPot, loyalty bonus, more


MoonLitecoin      150-2,000          Every 5 Minutes Pays weekly,                SIGN UP
                               litoshis             Litecoin, claims build over time,
                                                          pays to CoinPot, loyalty bonus, more

MoonDash           75-1000             Every 5 Minutes Pays weekly,                 SIGN UP
                              Dashies              Dash, claims build over time,
                                                         pays to CoinPot, loyalty bonus, more

MoonCash           30-300               Every 5 Minutes Pays weekly,                 SIGN UP
                               Satoshis             bitcoin cash, claims build over time,
                                                          pays to CoinPot, loyalty bonus, more

BonusBitcoin         19-5000             Every 15 Minutes Pays                         SIGN UP
                                 Satosis              BTC, claims build over time,
                                                          Pays to CoinPot, daily loyalty bonus

....More Earning  BTC Site   Visit

Top Faucets Site | Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet‎ site 2018 Earn BTC without any invest


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Airdrops - free crypto airdrop again! crypto deals Airdrops, ICO, Bounties ,Tokens

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Airdropsget Best Crypto Deals - Earn free tokens For Sign up Airdrops, Bounties, Free Crypto Tokens & Daily New Update Earn Upto $1000 Per Month 


 Welcome @Airdropsget

Get token by joining us on Telegram

 Join our new Airdrops Bounties


Join and Earn Crypto Airdrops, ICO, Bounties ,Tokens 

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions
What is an airdrop ?
It is simply a way to earn free coins from a blockchain's token company. For example those blockchain will send on your Ethereum address some free tokens that you will receive at the end of the airdrop event. Some other will ask you to own a specific token at a certain time on which they will create a snapshot and give you the same amount in their new token.

What action do I need to perform to get those free coins ?
You will have different type of action to perform. The easiest one will just ask to register on their site. On some other you will need to re-tweet one of their post on Twitter, register on their Telegram or post on your Facebook. Some will ask to post on forums such as Bitcointalk or even write a blog post. We advise you to keep track of all the different airdrops you participated in order to contact the blockchain owners if you didn't received their coins.

Where will I be able to sell my airdropped token ?
Most of the airdrops are held by new token so you'll have to wait for them to be listed on exchanges before beeing able to sell them. If those tokens are already live on exchanges you will just need to create an account on them and send your tokens to it.

How do I keep my cryptocurrency safe ?
The best is to store your airdrops in an offline hardware such as Ledger Wallet Nano S or Trezor. If the token is not available on those cold storages we would recommend to store them in a wallet where you can control your private key. You'll need to backup this key in a safe place such as a paper that you will store in your house. On all the airdrops you are participating never give your private key, this is never a required information as Airdrops just need your public address. Don't re-use the same password on your own email and on airdrops accounts. Finally you won't need to send money to anyone to receive real airdrop coins.

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How to Get Free Bitcoins | Free Way to Earn Bitcoin 2.74 btc InfinityTrafficBoots

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 2.74 bitcoin earn in 73 days Without Investment

2.74 BTC in 73 Days       
  2.74 BTC in 73 Days 
  • Investment:    Totally free
  • Minimum withdrawal: 0.00100 BTC, LTC & ETH,
  • Payment methodsBitcoin and Payza (in this it takes longer to receive the payment)
  • Referrals: You have 5 levels of referrals,Pays You 30-80% Instant Commissions


                                                               START EARNING BTC

    We have a very good strategy the goal to reach 2.74 bitcoin in 73 days, Without Any Invest

    Join कैसे करे Video देखें ...

    Payment proof देखें ...

    अधिक  Video देखने के लिए   Clike here ...  


    who Benefit, along with you, via the World's first Legal and Sustainable Surfers Pool and an Infinite Depth Referral Rewards Plan that Pays You 30-80% Instant Commissions... Signup 100% Free Today!" More info click here... infinitytrafficboost..



    What is Infinity Traffic Boost ("ITB")?

    ITB is a free to use Traffic Exchange which allows participants to gain exposure for their business, charity, crowd funding or personal passion by viewing the sites of other members. Hence, the name, "Traffic Exchange".

    Payment Methods Review

    We accept Bitcoin Core, Etherium, Litecoin, Altcoin, internal Earnings, Payza and Credit Cards (via PayZa). There is no surcharge on Bitcoin Core, Etherium, Litecoin, Altcoin or internal Earnings payments and only on purchases made with PayZa and Credit Cards via PayZa to cover increased risk (another reason to use Bitcoin Core, Etherium, Litecoin or Altcoin).
    Commissions are paid Instantly (on Bitcoin Core, Etherium, Litecoin, Altcoin and internal Earnings Purchases) Daily (on Surfers Pool Rewards) and every 2 weeks (on purchases made with PayZa or Credit Card).

    Get Started Now!

    Regardless of whether your needs are Advertising, Earn as a Surfer or Earn BIG as an Affiliate you need to JOIN NOW and follow the Getting Started Instructions in the member area.


                                                              START EARNING BTC

    Best bitcoin cloud mining site for BTC & BCH - Bits2u

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    We provide an online platform, which will allow you to double your investment in just a few months, as well as various ways to earn Bitcoins, also obtaining 10% of all investments made by your referrals, as well as a first and fully automated service.

      Earn Free Bitcoins 
    •  Investment : Totally free. You get 30 2uhash of mining power to start.
    • Minimum withdrawal: 400,000 satoshis.
    •  Payment methods:  Bitcoin, Payeer, paypal Etc
    •  Referrals:  It has 1 level of referrals, 10%.
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                                                                 START EARNING BTC

    Earn free bitcoins every day | 30 2uhash free for all users. | Buy Lifetime Referrals. | New Promo Code Every Month. | NO WITHDRAW FEES!.

    Best Bitcoin Mining Site Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    • Bits2u is a bitcoin mining site. Ways to earn bitcoins: *
    •  Click on advertisements* 
    • Play games & betting Referral commission: 10% profit for 2uhash purchases. 10% gain per referral clicks. 5% profit for ad purchase.
    •  Minimum payout: The payment is automatic = 0.004 BTC
    •  If you are interested, you can check out the site here: Bits2u

    Earn btc by mining

    Free litcoin sign up bonus 2018 Earn Litecoin Without any Invest with payment proof

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    Earn Litecoin From Trading Earn  Litcoin Without Any Investment Refer & Earn 

    • Investment: Totally free, Signup Bonus 0.001 LTC. refer & earn
    • Minimum withdrawal:  0.00100,000 LTC
    • Payment methods:  Bitcoin,Ltc,Eth,Etc,BCH & Usdt (in this it takes longer to receive the payment)
    • Referrals: You have 1 levels of referrals, 0.001 LTC and your client 0.001 LTC. We pay you and your client another 0.01 LTC if your client deposits at least 1 LTC/0.01 BTC and trade at least once.

            Get Started

    • My Payment Proof 

    •  Referral Signup Bonus Status

    • Payment proof Live देखे...

         Trade cryptocurrencies, futures, options and binary options on a single site.

      Get Started

    • Trading With Coinut  -How To Buy & Sell - How To Start Trading

       Get Started

    • Referral program Coinut to your friends

      1. For each new client, we pay you 0.001 LTC and your client 0.001 LTC. We pay you and your client another 0.01 LTC if your client deposits at least 1 LTC/0.01 BTC and trade at least once. Payments are handled manually for now so there could be a few days delay.
      2.  We’ll also pay you a commission fee of 10% during the first two years of your referrals trading at Coinut on a monthly basis.
      3.  You give the users a URL specifically created for you like for registration, so that the system will know the user is introduced by you.
      4.  Should not communicate misinformation or do anything that hurts the brand.
      5. Duplicated accounts will not be paid.
      6. Directly registered accounts will not be paid.
      7.  Abusing this referral program will get your account disabled without any notice.
      8.  Using proxies/VPNs may not get you paid. (If phone number verified, this does not apply)
      9.  If multiple accounts have the same IP address, only one account may be able to get the sign up bonus.
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      Monday, March 12, 2018

      Earn Bitcoin By Mining FREE (GHS) - EOBOT Mining for any cryptocurrency with payment proof

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      First, for people who don't know what is EOBOT ? EOBOT is a cloud mining service running since 2013. The majority of reviews about this service are quite good and the service seems totally legit.

      Now, when I started on EOBOT, I didn't know how to use it.
      The user interface is a little bit misleading when you are a totally beginner in cryptocurrencies.
      You don't know what to do, and what is the real purpose of EOBOT.



      .Investment :  Totally free.                                      . Payment methods :  Bitcoin, Payeer, 
      .Minimum withdrawal:   0.00200 BTC          . Referrals: 1 level of referrals, 1%  unlimited number of people refer

      Actually a lot of people open an account with eobot and give up on it. Because they just don't understand how to use it.

      EOBOT is a platform with which you can mining cryptocurrencies and earn coins like Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, Steem, Monero...

      Generally you have to pay and invest some money to have the mining power (GHS) to mine those coins.

      But you can also start little by little for FREE on EOBOT and build your mining power for FREE with some little actions.

      In this guide I will show how I build little by little my GHS power with a new account on EOBOT to earn some coins.
                    JOIN TO Eobot

                                                                  START EARNING BTC

      Click the link below to access the website

      Click on Signup on the right side of the menu

      When you have created your account, you will see a list of cryptocurrencies on your dashboard :

      Screenshot from my account

      You will be tempted to click and mine Bitcoin because it's so popular.

      But the first thing you have to do when you have a new Account is to get some mining power.

      कैसे काम करता है Eobot & Payment Proof  देखे...


                                                          START EARNING BTC

      The mining power is called Cloud Mining GHS on EOBOT, it allow you to mine crypto currencies.

      The more you have, the faster you will mine and earn coins.

      The GHS power that you own should be listed on the bottom of the list. If you have a new account it should be at 0.

      To get some GHS, first you have to select GHS 4.0 on the dropdown menu.

      The GHS item will be selected on your list.

      Then go in the menu : Products > Faucet

      A new screen will open with some ads, and a captcha box.

      Solve the captcha by typing the words. And Click on Get Faucet Reward

      A few GHS will be added to your account.

      This GHS power will allow you to mine coins.

      I recommend to mine Dodge coins first (I will explain later why).

      Select DODGE in the Dropdown menu on the Dashboard. Then you will see your Dodgecoin balance grows.

      Of course, you got only a few GHS so the balance growing speed will be really slow.

      The EOBOT faucet is reset everyday, build up your GHS everyday with this method.

      When you do the EOBOT faucet, don't forget to select GHS on the dropdown menu before. Otherwise the faucet will add some Dodge coin (what we are actually mining) on your balance.
      The second thing to know is, 1 Dodge coin will be given to you every day when you are login in on EOBOT.

      So the next day, you will receive 1 Dodge coin.

      On EOBOT, each coins (Dodge, Bitcoin, Etherum...) can be exchanged to GHS power.

      So I'll ask you, why don't use that coin to build our GHS ?

      You probably understand why I suggested to mine Dodge coins at the beginning.

      Mined Dodge coin added to EOBOT free dodge coin will allow us to buy more and more GHS everydays.

      To echange your Dodge coins to GHS do first choose DODGE in the dropdown menu

      Scroll down, verify that you have DODGE selected in the From dropdown.
      Then select Cloud SHA-256, 5 year Rental and click Buy Cloud SHA-256, 5 year Rental.

      Your Dodge coins will be converted to GHS power (for 5 years).

      Repeat this routine everyday and you will see your GHS power grows.

      If we only use those 2 methods, our GHS power will keep growing but it will take time.

      To accelerate the process we can use other methods like external faucets and get FREE coins and exchange them for GHS power.

      But first we have to configure the EOBOT account to receive them.

      We want to have a wallet address for each crypto currency that we want to receive with faucets.

      To generate your wallets, click on Deposit from your dasboard.

      Scroll down and click Generate on each wallet you want (it may take some time to generate each wallet).

      After you have all your wallet, we are going to register on several Faucets' websites that I'm using.
      More Info Click the link below to access the website